Saturday, August 28, 2010

A tribute to Summer.

Ok, I'm going to attempt to write out the last of my Summery posts, simply because the weather has significantly changed here in central Germany. Summer was short-lived, a burst of sunshine spread over the course of a month, which faded all too fast into the drizzly, grey days to which I've become accustomed.

However, in that short Summer, I ate an awful lot of berries. These gorgeous ones were only 2 Euro from the Dom Markt.

I'm going to explain first, that I can be a very simple sort of person. The sort of person who mixes fresh fruit, oats, and soy yoghurt for a favourite snack. Because, really, if you're onto a good thing, why change it?

With such a simple snack/breakfast, however, I think I have license enough to be picky. I want my fruit to be fresh and beautiful. I want my oats to be earthy and crispy. (I find that rolled spelt fills that criteria particularly well.) I want my yoghurt to be tangy, sour, and made from soymilk. Not the sickly, over-sweetened variety (though the vanilla flavour is pretty good, too!)...

I have to confess, neither the peaches or blueberries in this photo were overly tasty - it was already too late in the season, unfortunately. Still, bland fruit is better than no fruit, which is probably what I'll be looking forward to this Winter. I'm probably going to develop scurvy.

Ok, physically impossible for someone who eats as many vegetables as I do.

And can I just point out, that these golden peaches were the only food to have ever matched my hideous plastic tablecloth. Mediocre fruit and furnishings go hand in hand.

I guess I always took my fruit so much for granted when I lived in Australia. If I wanted a perfect mango, banana, or avocado, I could just stroll to the markets, or even a supermarket, and pick one up at a (generally) reasonable price. It would be fresh, having come from sunny Queensland, or occasionally the Northern Territory, and it would be ripe. Here, those same fruits come from South America, and they're hard as rocks. I used to buy mangoes, hoping that if they sat in my kitchen for long enough they'd ripen a bit more, but they never really did. Not enough to taste like a mango at home.

So, what did my snacks really end up looking like?

Ahem, point taken. Not ideal for photography. I'll give you something prettier. The following photo is half of the berries that I picked on my wild rampage near the Pb Nord train station. The smaller berries with matte skins are actually dewberries, but the rest are your standard blackberries. Dewberries have larger segments, and they're much smaller than blackberries, but they still taste delicious.

So, I raise my hat to you, Summer fruits. It might be creeping into Autumn a little faster than I'd like, but you can rest assured, that you won't be forgotten. And for those that I missed out on entirely, you can rest assured that I'll be coming for you the second that my 13 months here are over...

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