Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I know, I've already written about my apple butter... but it was so good that I made it again. In an even bigger batch.

So I'm just posting photos to remind you that hey, you should make Apfelmus. Especially if it's the start of the apple season, and you've just bought 3 kilos of amazing Elstar apples from the surly kids at the honey and apple stall. You hate the kids, sympathise with the parents who own the stall, and find yourself addicted to the apples despite the customer service.

So you buy the bulk bags that are already prepared, for the convenience of feeding your addiction. Then you discover that you're actually very good at peeling apples, but less good at cutting them up, because you keep eating the quarters that you're supposed to be putting into acidulated water.

Then, you discover that the skins of these apples were even pinker than the last batch you turned into Apfelmus, because your syrup is the most fabulous girly colour.

You decant it into a bottle left over from tomato passata, and have intense apple syrup on your morning oats. It's a little sunshine and warmth in a bottle for the constant drizzle of Northern Germany. You need it.

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