Monday, September 20, 2010

Easiest Pancakes.

This was my breakfast set-up this morning. Laptop at the table? But of course! I'm a huge fan of the pre-breakfast facebook check. The reading of my blog roll usually has to wait until the afternoon, nach dem Deutschkurs, because of the sheer volume of reading material to be ingested. Yes, I am a reader, and I like it.

But today, I'm on holidays. Honestly, I shouldn't be saying that until Wednesday, when I get my results for the German exam. But right now, I'm too relaxed to care. I had a fantastic weekend in Muenster with friends, involving various markets, swimming and even vegan lemon cake x2, so there's absolutely nothing to stop me from celebrating being curled up under my quilt at 10am instead of sitting in a classroom. For the record, I woke up at 7am, which is a veritable sleep-in as far as my normal routine is concerned. I got up, made breakfast, and got back under the covers: a perfect lazy Monday morning. I have absolutely nothing in the fridge, save a bunch of Kan Kong that's a little past its physical prime. So I turned to the pantry: wholemeal flour. Soymilk. Baking powder. And then I re-visit the fridge for my apple syrup. Warm breakfast, done. Today is going to be a good day.

Easiest Pancakes.
1 cup wholemeal flour
1 tsp baking powder*
In a bowl, mix together these ingredients. I haven't put a quantity for the liquid simply because everyone likes their pancakes of different thickness - usually I like mine to be about as thick as a frittata. ;) Today I made them thinner. Just keep mixing liquid into your mix until it looks right to you. Food is personal, and I hold absolutely nothing against someone who prefers lacy crepes to my mammoth creations.
Fry in a little oil/butter/marg/whatever until the bubbles on top are starting to set, then flip. Fry a little longer, and then serve with the leftover syrup from your Apfelmus. So good.
*If you have access to self-raising flour (I'm looking at you, Australia!) then just use wholemeal-SR flour and omit the baking powder. The texture comes out a little better.

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