Friday, September 10, 2010

Zero Waste Week

While I've been finding it very interesting to read blog posts about Zero Waste Week, I'm still at a loss as to what I can do. I'm quite pleased to admit that I throw out food only very rarely - such as when my housemate defrosted the fridge while I was away in Berlin, and I lost a few beans to mould. I managed to salvage most of the bag, at least. But, generally speaking, everything I buy gets eaten. Sure, I do like to peel thing sometimes, but I'm making an effort to do that less. Most of the products I buy from the supermarket come in recyclable packaging, which is a good start. I know that I can't recycle the shrink-wrap style plastic that fresh fruit and veg comes in, but I rarely buy that anyway.

One place where I could improve is at the Dom Markt, where they like to give away plastic bags with reckless abandon. Sure, it's necessary for products like beans, where they need to be kept together, or my lettuces, which still carry half of the field's worth of dirt on them, and which go limp in the fridge if they're stored openly (and sadly I don't have the appropriately sized tupperware, or fridge, for storing them like that) but I need to make sure that I specify with other purchases that I don't need a plastic bag. I think I'd feel a lot less intimidated to do that if I could work out whether a plastic bag was a "tasche" or "tute" in German, so I think I'll just check with the housemate to specify. :)

But what more can be done? I've got the basic tips-for-the-general public covered. Now I need something more... short of having a garden. I really miss my garden.

For anyone interested: has links to good tips to reduce household waste.

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