Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fruit Salad!

Today is the first day of the Vegan Month Of Food! Prepare yourself for as many posts as I can manage, in the space of a month... it's going to be hectic, so I'm starting out slowly.

This is the kind of food I eat a lot of. Yep, I know, you're probably about to close the window and chastise me with your internet buddies for being so boring as to talk about fruit salad. But I think that fruit salad is one of those foods that gets ignored for being mediocre because it's generally prepared in a mediocre fashion. You know the salad I'm talking about: apple, orange and banana, mushed about and slightly browning, with a texture reminiscent of baby food. Ugh. No thankyou, I'm not a fan of those sorts of fruit salad. Texture is important, so I peel any fruits with tougher skin, like apple and pear. Tough and membranous sections get removed from citrus fruit, and I quite enjoy mixing frozen berries into my salads, for a little icy crunch.

Above are a couple of Elstar apples (with crisp and acidic white flesh), Conference Pears (which are a cross between my favourite Comice and another variety), which have tough skins but buttery and juicy flesh, a mango (not local, but on sale for 50c!), a handful of small valencia oranges, and a green-skinned grapefruit. The grapefruit is sweetener than ordinary yellow varieties, with less of that powdery-astringent aftertaste. The flesh is easily separated from the segments, much like a Pomelo. Everything was peeled, diced, segmented, and mixed with a handful of frozen berries. Then it was topped with a generous handful of quick-cooking oats, to soak up the juices, and a tiny drizzle of agave syrup, to brighten the sour flavours. The berries turned everything pink (I secretly love when they do that!) and it was an absolute delight to devour. Now, if you don't think that's delicious, then get off of my blog. ;)

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