Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tofu Scramble.

Sorry about the above photo. I wasn't going to post this, but I like to use this blog to remember what I've been eating, so I figured I may as well... even though the only photo I have of the tofu scram is the one I took when I'd already eaten a huge portion. Oh well, no one reads this anyway, so I can pretend that I'm a studious blogger who always takes photos of food and doesn't eat it all before getting around to thinking, "Oh, that was delicious - I should write about it!"... ;)

Some people like their eggs scrambled. Me, I'm not one for eggs, so I prefer to make breakfasty-mush out of tofu. The recipe is pretty versatile - as long as you tear up some tofu and fry it with a few other ingredients, it can take the title. I prefer sauteed onions, fried mushrooms, and lots of parsley as my favoured ingredients in the scramble itself. It's flavoured with soy sauce, sometimes stock powder (if I choose sweet soy) and usually a touch of tumeric, just for colour. Dried herbs and lots of pepper add another layer of flavour. I'd like to have a recipe to share, but this is a throw-it-in dish. It's best served on toast, especially with breakfasty sides: baked beans, wilted spinach, fried mushrooms and grilled tomatoes. However, if you're not eating it for breakfast, it's also good with rice. You'll want to make it extra salty if that's the case, and folding some tomato, peas or spinach through the hot scramble will add to the vegetable component and make it dinner-worthy.

To make the batch above, I fried half of the world's largest onion (and it was still an incredible amount), a teaspoon of crushed garlic,a small knob of chopped ginger and the chopped stems of my parsley. Waste not, want not - parsley stems are still flavour, they just need a little longer to cook. I added a 300g block of tofu, which I crumbled into the pan, and then the flavourings I felt like: soy, siracha, and a pinch of dried thyme. Before I ate it, I mixed in the chopped fresh parsley, and ate it over toast. Delicious. Oh, and I'm serious about that onion; the photo below is only half of it, and that's a pretty large frying pan.

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