Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tomato, parsley and chickpea salad.

For some reason, my review of Season didn't come up, so I've re-posted it today. Sorry if anyone has seen it twice, now; blogger has just decided to eat the post for no apparent reason, so I've put it back up. Hopefully now it won't appear twice.

I don't have time to write up the Polish-style stew that I made recently, because I'm baking up a massive batch of Anzac biscuits, to take to my Seminar tomorrow. I figure that if I'm going to spend the entire time talking about Australian food and food culture, then the least I could do is provide a snack in way of explanation. My plan, should all work out correctly, is to have a vote as to whether they taste better chewy or crunchy. I know for sure which side I'm on!

In the meantime, however, this is what I've been snacking on. Lots of salads, and lots of quick and easy foods. I'll write a post soon about the more-elaborate dinner salad that has been consumed no less than three times in the past few days... yep, it makes a great transition to a lunch salad, too. Heh. Anyway, for those of you who have three simple ingredients, do this:

Wash and drain a can of chickpeas (or cook your own, if you have time) and reserve half.
Mix the chickpeas with two small, chopped tomatoes and about half a cup of chopped parsley.
Season generously with salt and pepper. Olive oil and a dash of lemon juice are a great idea for those of you who like dressing.
Then, scoff it while you sit infront of your laptop, catching up on facebook instead of writing the seminar that you should have finished last Sunday. ;)


  1. This chickpea salad looks delish! I love chickpeas!

  2. I love ANZAC cookies. CHEWY! My mum always made them really chewy - so good!!! Good choice for your seminar.

  3. Found your blog by chance coz I'm looking for an easy chickpea salad. I made it today, and it was delish! 3-ingredient recipes rock!


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