Sunday, January 23, 2011

I hope I haven't already posted this...

You know, this is precisely why I'm not into commercial vege burgers. That white layer you see on the outside of the patties? That's fat. And yes, I did mop it up with paper towels as it melted. But seriously, how disgusting is that? This is what I get for buying commercial, frozen vege burgers instead of cooking real meals. In my defense, it was one of the things I ate just before going away, when the contents of the fridge were a touch, um, scarce. What little was in there was condiment-based, plus a few salad items, so I decided to have burgers and salad. Give me a plain salad any day. Or better yet, give me a homemade burger made with items that constitute real food. Sadly, just because it's vegan doesn't mean that it's worth eating. :(


  1. You didn't get these in Germany, if I understand your post correctly? Because if they were German, I'd send you my deepest apologies. :)

  2. They are, sadly, German. I'll admit that's the worst I've ever seen a vegeburger; they're generally unhealthy, as a rule, but that much fat was really creepy. I think I'll stick to making my own! :)


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