Saturday, March 5, 2011

My apologies.

I realise I haven't been around as much lately; both here and as a commenter on other people's blogs. I'd like to simply blame the Winter Blues for keeping my camera out of the kitchen (my hands are wrapped around a hot cup of tea at all times, which makes it difficult to multi-task!) but sadly, I'm not able to write it off so easily. There are other stresses involved in my life, and while all of them appear to be overcome (fingers crossed!) there's still a lot of organising to be done.

Today is my one-year anniversary of arriving in Germany. In 13 days, I fly home to Australia.

Aside from the obvious stresses of shipping suitcases home, packing up my room, finding friends to take clothes/shoes/bed linen etc, and closing bank accounts, there are the immediate worries: finding time to say goodbye to everyone before I go. Making good on all the times I told people that we'd catch up soon. Eating all the food that I keep in the pantry... that's no mean feat. And, of course, uni.

My entire year here has been working towards one goal: the DSH Exam. It's what enables foreign students to study at German Universities in German language... and it's the exam that I'll be sitting on Friday. I'm confident that I'll pass it; I get some of the best marks in my class, and secretly (well, not anymore) have hopes that I might be able to reach DSH-3, which is the top level, and one higher than the DSH-2 needed for most courses. (DSH-1 doesn't let you study much of anything; Paderborn Uni doesn't accept it. DSH-3 means they'd let you study Medicine or Law in German.) It's a long shot, but it's worth a try.At the same time, I've been organising for people to buy the books and readers that I need for my courses at Flinders University, back home in Adelaide. My Dad has been scanning my readings for me and uploading them to my Mediafire account so that I can read them here. Said courses have already started, so my days are filled with German mornings and English afternoons. It's all a bit much sometimes; especially knowing that instead of celebrating the end of the German course, I'll be writing assignments to hand up before I even get back into the country. It's anti-climactic.

So, this is a plea for you to go easy on me these next few weeks, while I get all the necessary preparations underway. I have every intention of getting back to Adelaide and being able to hit the ground running; I'll even be going to uni on the same day day that I fly back in, jet-lagged and sleep deprived. So when all my recipes are based on the same cake mix, or another vege stir-fry, or when I don't post for a couple of weeks, just trust me: when my life finally settles down again, I'll be back with more recipes, ingredients that I couldn't access here (tempeh!!!) and prettier photos, I promise.

In the meantime, everyone stay safe, and I hope to stay in touch by reading your blogs, even if I'm too slack to comment. ;) xoxo

Goodbye, Kitchen. You've (mostly) been nice to me.
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