Sunday, December 5, 2010

black radish.

This rather beautiful vegetable is, indeed, a black radish. It's almost a pity that it's so good looking, really, because I didn't enjoy it. It was tough and bitter and nowhere nearly as satisfactory as the crisp bite of a daikon or cute pink radish. I couldn't eat it, it was that bitter... and believe me, I can eat a lot of unenjoyable food in the name of wasting less. Black radish = fail. :(


  1. I've recently seen this vegetable around. I'm sorry you didn't like it. Maybe it's better when cooked?
    P.S. I couldn't enter you in the Caribbean Vegan giveaway, because the book can only be shipped to North Americans. Sorry!

  2. That's ok, I'm getting a bit used to that with competitions! I'm going to have to arrange a deal with my American friends, so that they can ship me things if I win them... hehehe. :)


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