Friday, October 1, 2010

Beans and Zucchini.

How beautiful are those yellow beans? They're thicker than the green beans that I buy from my favourite stall (I can't say my favourite lady, because I haven't seen her there in a week) but just as crisp. They also receive a commendation for extreme freshness, because they've lasted well in my fridge for a couple of days, and are as crunchy today as they were on Wednesday morning when I bought them. I know, that's only two and a half days, but supermarket-bought beans rarely stand up to that sort of storage without going a bit limp. I probably should have used some green beans, in retrospect, because these would have been fine to eat over the weekend, but oh well. These were prettier.

All I did to cook them was sautee them in a little olive oil with some equally crisp zucchinis, plus the requisite touch of salt and pepper. I can't believe that as recently as 6 months ago, I was completely unimpressed with zucchini. I think the problem is that I'd never eaten one raw - I had the idea in my head that I only liked them meltingly soft. Sure, they're nice when they're like that, but they're even better when they're super-fresh and cooked until they're barely tender. I cut mine into batons the same size as the beans, and snacked on more than a few pieces of each while I was cooking the accompanying rice and lentils. I realise that brown rice and lentils together probably sounds a bit bland to most people, but I have a definite love of congee (rice porridge) and I love red lentils (they're infinitely superior to brown, and even to puy lentils) because they just melt down when you cook them. So I added red lentils to my rice in the last 20 minutes of cooking, and took it off the heat when they threatened to stick to the bottom. Delicious, creamy, and definitely tomorrow's breakfast. I'd like to think the leftover vegetables can make it that far, but honestly, I've already got my eye on those for a midnight snack... ;)

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