Friday, October 1, 2010


The past day or two, I've been ruling the leftovers. Usually mine are gone by the day after they're made (if not on the day!) and they don't last in the fridge for too long. Me being me, I got overxcited at the markets on Wednesday and bought ridiculous amounts of food. So I've been doing my best to eat it all... perhaps a little too enthusiastically, but hey, everyone has something that they get ridiculously excited about. I just have many things, and they don't tend to excite quite so many other people. This week, I definitely moved a step closer to becoming a crazy cat lady. But I'm a crazy cat lady who heats vege burgers in the oven, in an inspired step that makes them look like they're made of meat, which freaks out a housemate. Win.

I also enacted a massacre scene, by peeling and grating a cucumber, to make a salad using an idea that I stole from the mother of a Czech friend. I ate this salad when I was at their house, and it was great - perfect for the warm weather because it was so refreshing. I only wish I could say I needed something refreshing here, but the weather has been miserable. We're really into Autumn now, when the high for the day is only ten degrees Celsius.
To make the grated cucumber salad, just grate a peeled cucumber (I used a telegraph cucumber, but feel free to use other varieties - I think a few lebanese cucumbers would be amazing, because they're extra-crisp) and mix it with the dressing. The dressing, for the record, is just a little sugar (maybe a teaspoon?) mixed into a few tablespoons of white vinegar. I used white wine vinegar this time, and it was great. This salad releases a lot of liquid, so keep it in a separate bowl, or wring it out severely before you put it onto a plate with other foods. It'll stay good in the fridge, but won't be so crunchy as when it's fresh.

You've seen this salad before, when I made it into more of a tabbouli-like mixture. Lately I've just been chopping two bunches of parsley, adding some finely chopped ripe tomatoes (if they're not vine-ripened, they're probably not worth bothering with, sorry!) and more salt than I'd care to admit to. No oil, no vinegar, no dressing. Add pepper to taste. Let it sit at room temperature for a couple of hours before you eat it - the salt draws the moisture from the tomatoes and that creates the 'dressing' of sorts. I'm not usually into raw tomatoes - I'll eat them, but I don't tend to use them much in salads. Here, however, I'm more than willing to make an exception.

Above is yesterday's lunch. Leftover lettuce, a couple of vege burgers, grated cucumber salad and the parsley-tomato salad. It was really good. I actually ate a third burger, too, but shhhh you didn't hear me admit to that.

And this is today's lunch. Leftover roasted tomatoes (I'll post about those separately), cucumber salad, parsley-tomato salad, and leftover olives. I also ate a few chilli-olives, but I think I might use those in a puttanesca-style dish tonight, so I won't spoil you with photos of those. They're good, though. I expected them to be spicier, and ate the first one with extreme caution, but barely noticed the chilli. I think it's just for show... either that or it's designed for German tastes, and it's secretly made of mostly capsicum. It's possible. ;)

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