Sunday, August 29, 2010

Risotto-like rice.

So I'm still working my way through the backlog of food related photos that have shown up on my computer. This one is based on my lazy-person risotto method (commercial stock powder and whatever rice I have available) and highlights a certain, um, food-like item: fakon. If that's even how I spell it. Either way, it's marginally healthier than eating real bacon, and hey, I have to try everything once, right? I'm definitely guilty of occasionally buying things that entertain me, when I'm at the supermarket. Plus this rice was seriously good. Salty, with that nutty flavour and slightly firmer chew of edamame.

I made this a few months ago, but that doesn't make it any less awesome. I'm much too lazy to write out a real recipe, but if you need one, just consult my other risotto-like post, use fakon/bacon/other real-or-mock-pork-product instead of mushrooms and stir in edamame at the end of cooking instead of peas. It really is that simple. I'm so into everyday food! Not that you can tell, from the series of relatively-normal items that I've posted. Shh, I know the beet burgers aren't what supposedly normal people eat, but hey, they were amazing. Sure beats a "Pie Floater"... google it, I dare you. That's the food heritage that I'm supposed to come from, as a South Australian. Needless to say, I've never eaten one.

For the record, I'm never going to claim that any of my risotto-like rices are actually risotto. Sure, they're rice that gets a little toasted and then slowly cooked until it's creamy. But I do my best to put non-traditional ingredients into them, which would make everyone's Italian grandmothers have a fit. So, let's just say they're "Modern Australian", because that label tends to mean that the cook can get away with anything. ;)

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