Saturday, August 28, 2010

Thanks, Hendrick's!

I got a surprise in the mail today, from Hendrick's. They're a small specialist gin company in Scotland, and their gin is hard to get one's eager hands on. It's also awfully expensive, which is generally a fair barrier for students such as myself. However, I'm presently in posession of a bottle sent to me by a friend from home, so I certainly have the little luxuries under control!

Hendrick's is produced using cucumber, plus a plethora of secret herbs and botanicals (ok, they're not secret, but let's just pretend). It's served with a garnish of cucumber, instead of the traditional lime that accompanies drinks such as a gin & tonic. And mixed with cucumber juice in a cocktail, it's unbeatable.

So, in celebration of being the recipient of a small cocktail and garnish book, plus an incredibly cute notebook, I'm posting a recipe for gin & tonic.

Gin & Tonic

30 ml Hendrick's gin
300ml tonic water

Mix together, garnish with a slice of cucumber, and enjoy in the best weather you can find.
I'll point out that the amount of tonic water is completely guessed, and could be completely wrong, so just adjust it if you're a more staunch drinker than I am, or worse, even more of a lightweight. ;)

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