Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giant Apples: A New Perspective

Sorry, no recipe today. I'm feeling too wiped out, and it's already time for me to crawl into bed... can't wait to tell you about the Autumnal salad I've been eating, though! But I'll have to hold off until tomorrow.

If you check out the above photo, you're probably going to think that the apple on the right is extraordinarily small. Not so - it's a smallish apple, a Pinova I think, but it's just sitting alongside two monsters of their class - a Comice Pear and a Boskoop apple. (I think they're also known as Boskow.) Some of the apples and pears at a certain specialty stall at the Dom Markt are just incredibly huge. They must come from very well-established trees... either that or "Genetechnik" has made its way into Germany in some form other than American prepackaged goods... I'm looking at you, peanut butter with HFCS.

Here's a different perspective on that Boskoop. While the size of these apples was something remarkable, the flavour was a little on the light side, and the flesh was very easily bruised. It wasn't as dense as the crisp apples that I usually prefer, but I found the variety to be incredibly juicy. I imaging that they'd make a fantastic cider. Anyone with some cider-making expertise want to try that theory out for me? I'd be a taste-tester for you, and I wouldn't even make you pay me. I'm just so good-natured, of course. But wait, the best is yet to come...

Oh sure, they look all cute and innocent when they're sitting in my shopping bag (with definite thanks to Envirosax for making said bag). But then you take them out, and you're face to face with the baby-godzillas of apples and pears. Sure, they're not godzilla, but they're still damn huge.

Here's Godzilla-Golden-Delicious against the drinking glass. Seriously, that apple must have been more than 10cm tall. Below, you can see that it was the same height as the largest coffee mug in the apartment. You'll note, of course, that I'm using the past tense. That apple was also the largest mid-morning snack that I've ever had during my German class. It's a nice way to put it into perspective.


  1. Boskoop! Yeah, they are huge! Boskoop and Pinova are are my favourite apples. Boskoop are awesome in baked goods, apple sauce and apple pancakes. I like your cider idea, but I have no experience with that.

  2. Oh, awesome, thanks for the tip! I'm going to have to try cooking the Boskoop, because I only ate them raw. I'm definitely addicted to the Pinova already! They're my new replacement for Elstar, because the Elstar season seems to be over? The only ones I can find here are already soft and overripe. Oh well, at least it makes me try new varieties! :)


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