Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vegan Mofo

This is just a quick one, I promise. I just have something important to say: I'm happy. Ok, I'm also exhausted and in desperate need of a holiday. But today, I feel like the world around me is glowing. I wish I could attribute it to ruling in German class (I didn't), giving my best lecture yet (it wasn't as good as last week's) or finding a new housemate (90% sure). Sadly, not everything in my world works out so perfectly. But, for this month only, vegan bloggers are getting excited about eachothers' food and recipes and lives in a way that doesn't happen for the rest of the year. Sure, we're all pretty crazy about the food-love anyway. But checking out as many blogs as we can, downloading the bundle for Google reader (something I haven't done; I'm struggling with my regular blogroll already, and it grows daily!) and commenting on everything really makes for a vibrant community. Usually I don't comment on blogs, but Vegan Mofo has helped me to find some really small but really fantastic blogs, and I like leaving comments on them, to give the authors support. Maybe they don't care about it as much as I do, but getting comments on my food has made me so happy. Knowing that other people get excited about cooking as much as I do, or that there are other vegans living here in the-land-of-pork-and-dairy (Germany) gives me so much encouragement to think about new things I'd like to cook. Getting mentioned on the roundup was the highlight of my week, because hopefully it encouraged someone to make vanilla slice for the first time. I love sharing my childhood treats with other people. I love sharing my life. I love sharing food. I'm counting down the months until I go back to Australia, so that I can have dinner parties (and an already-planned cupcake party!) with my much-loved and greatly-missed friends.

I expected Vegan Mofo to be a burden. I almost didn't sign up, because between the German course (20 hours per week!) and the job, and trying to still have a social life, I'm already run off my feet. But I'm so glad I did. It reminded me that even though sometimes I feel alone here, in a different country where I struggle with the language, there's a group of people out there who cheer me up and make me feel inspired to cook again. I went through a pretty dark patch with my food habits when I got here, and I'm feeling a thousand-fold better now that I've gone back to how I used to eat before, without caring too much about the kjs. I've started to go running again and I feel healthy. My body is looking healthier. My skin is looking healthier (with occasional alcohol induced lapses; totally worth it for the quality time with friends). I'm feeling more alive. So, if anyone reads this, thankyou. I never expected anyone to read this, but to be able to share is the most rewarding experience I could have asked for.

That was much longer than I expected. Sorry!


  1. Whoa, that was a mad ramble if ever I wrote one. But I'm not deleting it. Partly because I want everyone to know it, and partly because I think those tomatoes are really pretty. :)

  2. YEAH Tomatoes! Sadly won't see any beauties like that 'til spring here in PDX!

  3. I'm glad you didn't delete it, you don't have to apologise for rambling on your own blog! VeganMoFo is a great time, it's fun discovering new blogs and talk with vegans :)

    I'm an Aussie, vegan blogger too and I love Germany (I haven't been since 2004)

    Looking forward to more of your posts :)

  4. Don't delete it! You have summed up exactly how I feel too! I don't do much commenting on blogs either (I'm shy) but Vegan Mofo has helped! It has also encouraged my to be a bit more personal in my blogs. I also really appreciate the sense of community this event has created and I feel more connected to the vegan world. It is hard here in Germany when so much of the food is unable to be made vegan, so it's nice to find other vegans living in Germany.

    I also understand what you mean about isolation as I don't speak German (learning)!! So it is nice to read blogs and get comments on something your really interested in. Definitely makes you feel less alone :)

    Keep blogging and sharing your life and keep commenting (I really appreciate it).

  5. Awww, I feel the same way! Its so inspiring to see all these great vegans all over the world cooking up a storm!

    I also think its a bit hard adjusting to Germany but learning the language definitely helps. (Not there yet, but working on it.) Thanks for sharing the love!

  6. I only wish those tomatoes were sitting in my kitchen, but alas, the photo is a few months old. :( It's too cold for them here too.

    And hey, eveyone! Thanks for the comments! And for not being shy! Adjusting to life here definitely takes some time (it took me about 6 months before I really settled in) but I love a challenge... and being vegan has definitely given me that! I may not eat out very often, but that just means I've had more time in the kitchen. It's a definite win. :)


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