Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I just have to post this photo because I think it's too beautiful not to share. This is just a bunch of chicory that made its way into my shopping bag at the Dom Markt last week. The stallholder told me it was used for 'eintopf' (literally translated: 'one pot') which is a German standard dish. It's somewhere between a chunky soup and a thin stew, with the basic premise being that it's all cooked together. Eintopf tends to be a bit thinner than I like, but I figured that the basic idea was right; to cook it with a whole host of other ingredients, because chicory can be quite bitter, and I'm not really into bitter.

When sampled raw, my bunch was a little more bitter than I tend to enjoy, but it worked well in a minestrone, where I might usually have used cavolo nero. Unfortunately no photos. Next time!

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