Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Corn on the cob.

This is the easiest meal I've made lately. And yes, I'm calling it a meal, because it's what I ate for breakfast on Saturday morning. There's a joke that you should put the water on to boil before you go to pick your corn, because the sugars so quickly convert themselves into starch. So freshness is the key. Also, I just love eating main-meal foods for breakfast. Is that so wrong? I think not.

I've been eyeing the cornfields around here with great interest of late. I'm almost surprised that the corn manages to ripen in the meagre sunlight in these parts. But finally it's trickling into the market - still a little pricy, but somehow worth the extra indulgence, if only because I need a little sunshine in my day.

I like sweetcorn raw, gnawed directly from the cob. I find that's how it's best eaten in warm weather. But when it's grey and drizzly, and you're already chilled from your 7am market trip, you should cook your corn. Not for long, though - just until the colour starts to deepen the tiniest bit. You don't want the kernels to go completely soft, or worse, mushy. Season it with salt and pepper, or if you're a butter person, go for that. But if you're like me, and you appreciate the freshest of everything, you'll bite into the corn exactly as it is, and the kernels will explode in your mouth like jewels.

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