Saturday, September 25, 2010


So, thanks to this morning's Dom Markt, google image search, and the usual wonder that is the internet, I think I finally have an explanation for my 'What is this Squash?' dilemma. In the above picture, you can see two squashes, sold to me as 'Spaghetti' (left) and 'delicata' (right) varieties.

Above is the delicata by itself. It's smaller than the spaghetti variety, and a touch more golden in colour - they tended to have the tiniest amount less green colouring on the skins, judging by my observation at the 'curbit' stall this morning. So, what has the internet told me? After searching long an hard (ok, I had to check out maybe a dozen websites) someone finally admitted that delicata squash can be crossed with the usual "orangetti" squash variety, coming up with the spaghetti-squash hybrid that I've been eating. Problem solved!

My next task is to identify this giant monster of a squash, which of course I didn't ask the name of (was too busy purchasing yellow beans, because they're impossibly pretty). It's absolutely huge, but I think the colour is fantastic. (ed note: That giant thing is, in fact, an overgrown Orangetti.) And, of course, I have a 'Speisecurbis' or 'mini-Muskatcurbis'... in that "Muscatnuss" is the german word for nutmeg, I'm guessing that this has something to do with the colour of the skin. It's a little browner that the photo below would have you believe, and the flesh was light golden. I'm still hoarding squashes and pumpkins, but I can finally say it's just for research purposes! ;)

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